Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Days

My Squash has been coming in like crazy! I started canning it last week. You ought to see the looks a younger guy like me gets from the old ladies in the store when I am buying canning jars and supplies. They can hardly believe it to say the least. But most of them wish me good luck.

It hasn't been that bad yet. I am getting the hang of the pressure canner. I am trying my hand at pickling soon. I have had a problem with garden pests so I have to wait a few days to harvest more veggies since I sprayed some poison to get rid of the bugs, though it isn't doing that good of a job.

My next project besides the pickling is getting my desk finished (I am building it for my bedroom to oppose the one I fixed up for Lindsay). After that I have to finish out the shelves in our second pantry, for all the stuff I am preserving of course. Then I have to finish the back porch (screen, door, trim, and paint).

Finn is playing in the walker on the big back porch and dipping his feet in his little swimming pool. He hasn't gotten his first tooth yet, but he is trying. He is trying to crawl as well, but right now he just goes backwards, does a swimming maneuver, or clunks something on the floor and brings things into a tizzy.

Til next time.

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