Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Finn Updates and House Updates

Finnian is putting on weight like a champ. In the two weeks they made us supplement with formula he gained upwards of 2 ounces a day almost. He is growing a lot and has already outgrown some clothes and diapers. He went from being in the 5th percentile to being in the 25th percentile in 13 days or so.

The house is coming along. There is still a bunch to do, and about a month and a half to do it. I had planned on being done by the end of the year, and then by the end of January, and now hope by the end of February, but it will probably be into march.

There are new pictures of Finn and some of the house up in the photo section so check them out. I am trying to keep caught up with everything at once, so if you feel neglected sorry, I'll catch up sooner or later.

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