Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pictures Up!

If you will just click on the title of this post, or navigate through our picture gallery under "crowson Photos" over to the right, you'll find fresh new pictures of Finn. You'll also find pictures of Random people holding Finn. I didn't have time to label everyone sorry.

If I have left anyone out, it is because I wasn't around when you were holding him, or I didn't have the camera(which is Josh's by the way). If you have some pictures you would like me to add to this gallery just email them to me. You should know the address. Thanks to everybody who came by the hospital and visited with us. It meant a whole bunch. We were there for almost a whole week and it started getting pretty old, especially when they downgraded our room to what seemed like a closet.

We are also home by the way. The dogs are getting along fine with the baby. Wicket wants to sniff him, lick him, and protect him. Neko is a little frightened of him, but is settling down some.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Anonymous12:39 AM CST

    Wow, we took such an adorable picture with Finn. But it was totally because he was in the picture!
    We have to see him again now that he's opening his eyes!!


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