Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Updated Photo Collage & More!

As you might have noticed I updated the title photo to a collage. I think it captures our family much better now! I hope you all like it.

Good, progressive news! The framers are moving right along. They are scheduled to be 98% done by Tuesday (weather permitting). The only thing they should have to come back for is to install our kitchen window that is on order. As of right now they have it framed almost to the ceiling joists. They are finishing up the interior walls and starting on the ceiling tomorrow.

We should be wiring and plumbing the house by Wednesday the 24th. Once the framers are done we have a bunch to do since the only other things we are contracting out are roofing and sheetrock and carpet installation.

Also I had the gravel put on the driveway today, and it is leveled out pretty good. There are a few spots I need to scoot it around a little but overall the guy did a great job.

Everything is coming together nicely and none too soon. We are only 35 days out from the due date! We'll keep you posted...

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