Monday, October 29, 2007

October Ending

Well the month is ending. As you can see by our countdown, we don't have long to go, and Dr. Allen said he didn't think we'd make it to the due date. Our last visit (Friday) we found out that Lindsay is already dilated 2 centimeters. Won't be long now!

We had the baby shower this past Saturday in Rogersville at the new coffee shop. Deanna and Samantha did a great job at getting the thing together and staying on top of everything. We just want to say a big thanks to them and everyone who came.

Last week's rain slowed construction a few days. It seems that the carpenters are finishing up tomorrow I believe. After they leave there is a whole lot for me to do. Gerry, JD, and Josh are gonna help out a lot, so maybe I'll be able to stop and see the baby once he gets here. He he... I'll try and bring some pictures of the house back tomorrow.

Until next time...

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