Monday, October 08, 2007

House & Baby

We have half of a driveway for our house now. The bulldozer man has excavated it, now I have to have the gravel man come put that on it before it rains and washes it away... Deanna's brother-in-law Allen White did our garage concrete and patio. I believe he finished yesterday. The picture here is a crappy shot I took from the car. On the left you can see part of the driveway that is in the works, and the little gray spot at the top of the hill is the foundation block wall.

Also, the block layers finished and the framers are scheduled to start on Thursday or Friday (looks like Monday). About 2/3 of the lumber has been delivered, and we are just waiting for them to get started.

We had a doctor's visit today (Monday the 8th) and everything is still on track for Thanksgiving day. The next visit is on October 22nd. We are between weeks 34 and 35 and shooting for at least 38!

More to come soon.

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