Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More House Stuff

Well the Perc Test is done. The temporary power pole is in place (but not yet connected). The house corners have been roughly marked off. We are about 66% of the way through installing a barbed wire/electric fence on the southern border of our 5 acres. All we lack is finishing up... actually putting the wire in place...

I met with Bobby Butler, our foundation man/septic man/driveway gravel man, today to discuss layout options, and he should be coming back tomorrow to actually stake off the area for excavating. Hopefully the weather, and his schedule, will permit him to get started. If so, we should get the footers poured on Monday. The next step will be to get our block mason, Charles Gibson (not from the Today Show), to set up our foundation walls. After that: pest treatment. After that: Framing.

Lindsay is starting her 30th week tomorrow. She had to take another glucose test yesterday, so we are waiting for the results. The 4-D ultrasound happens in about a week I believe. Maybe we'll get some good pictures!

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