Tuesday, September 04, 2007

House Building & Baby Crowson

Sorry I've put off a new post so long. Things have been a little hectic. We are in the process of getting a construction loan for our house. We have already been approved for the mortgage, but I had to get all the estimates and materials lists before we could advance to the construction loan paperwork. I turned all that junk in last Thursday, so we should be getting somewhere soon.

This picture to the left is our current driveway that runs straight into a fence line (which I have to clear this week). I had the road dept. install it for us a week ago or so.

I have to meet with the power company engineer sometime this week to discuss where, how, etc. we need to put the house site from the existing power line on our property. Once that is finished I am meeting with the Perc Test guy Saturday the 8th to get that under way so that we know what size septic etc. we have to have. Then I can get the foundation guy back to start excavation and pouring the footers...

And... we have a baby boy on the way if anyone forgot. Everything is going well with the pregnancy and we are due back in about a week or so for the next checkup. They have escalated to a trip every two weeks now that Lindsay has entered the 3rd trimester (the 7th month). We get to do a 4D ultrasound in about 2 weeks just for fun. We have just about all the little baby clothes we need, but can still use some midrange clothes... or whatever you call them (how long do they remain an "infant"?).

Hopefully we will get the house finished pretty quickly after the baby comes, but we're still looking at somewhere around January to March most likely.

I will try to keep you updated! Here is another update: Baby Boy Crowson's name is going to be:

Finnian (This is for my mother's family name White, one meaning of it)
Gerard (This is Lindsay's Father's name)

And yes, we are going to call him "Finn."

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