Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pug Drama

We had some pug drama friday night and yesterday. we took the dogs to the vet for neko's yearly vaccines and to get both their nails trimmed b/c they wont let us do it. i went out of the room so that maybe wicket would calm down and let them trim his since it was taking 3-4 people to hold him. while i was in the hall for some reason they got confused (it wasnt the vet but the assistants) and they gave wicket the shots that were intended for neko even though he wasnt due to get them until November. they tried to play it off like no biggie, but it worried me.

then while they were giving neko the shots she was supposed to get, wicket went into anaphylaxis shock. he started vomiting in the floor and collapsed and wouldn't respond. the assistants tried to tell me it was because he was stressed out, but finally one of them took him back to the vet and they gave him shots of steroids and benadryl and an antinausea medicine but he was still out of it. and he lost control of his bowels. (all of these things are symptoms of shock, but apparently none of the girls there new that.) oh, and his face and throat were swelling and if they hadn't given him the shots for his reaction he probably would have choked to death.

i let the vet watch him for a couple hours then went back and got him to bring home b/c they were going to leave him caged over night with no one watching him. i brought him home and stayed up with him most of the night b/c he was throwing up and wouldn't eat or drink.

so i kept trying to get in touch with a vet to ask if he would be ok since he was losing so much fluid but the only person I could get was some on-call vet tech that didn't know shit and kept telling me that he just had an upset stomach and for me to force pepto on him.

he started getting better and we finally talked to the vet saturday morning and he gave us some advice and now Wicket is doing much better. We were really worried for a while, and he's still not 100%.

Just some pug drama...

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  1. You are lucky that he lets the vet touch him,last time Orion went to get his rabie shot,I had to give it to him cause he tried to bite them.he don't like ANYONE touching him but the momma(me).So from now I got to do it.I know how.


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