Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Doc's Visit

We had a successful visit to the doctor, and everything seems to be good so far! We heard a heartbeat again, but the little bugger moved as soon as he was poked so it was a short one. It was strong though; Lindsay feels a lot better now.

Only two months from finding out the sex, and as of tomorrow I think we are a third of the way through the pregnancy.

Apparently May is now a busy birthday month as well: My dad (10), Roger Davis (23), Liz(24), and Granny Rhonda (30), not to mention Zac's graduation (25) and memorial day (28).

The dogs are doing well also, and Wicket is acting attention starved as ever. He does this thing where he will come and sit next to you and stare. If you don't look at him he will start howling, and if you do he will just sit and stare you down. Sometimes he will reach up and start clawing your arm to get your attention, but you can ask Lindsay, he gets gobs of attention from me. I think it is funny just to mess with him, and see how worked up he will get.

I'll let you know more soon.

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